Is It Really OK to Stop Sudsing Up Your Hair?

Cleansing with just conditioner? The trend—long popular among women with naturally thick, curly, or coarse strands—is becoming mainstream, thanks to several new products designed for all hair types. Co-Washing: Is It Really OK to Stop Sudsing Up Your Hair? Browse a few online beauty forums, and you’ll find proponents of “co-washing” touting the benefits of cleansing strands with specially formulated conditioners instead of shampoo. (We even reported the “anti-shampoo” movement here). Among them: Suds-free formulas can moisturize dry scalps, reduce frizz, detangle knots,

U.S. Olympic Beauty Secrets!

Beauty Secrets of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team (Exclusive!) These Sochi headliners are about to skate the performance of a lifetime. Here’s the inside scoop on how they plan to look good while doing it. Every four years, the world is mesmerized while figure skaters, who are certainly athletes first and foremost, captivate with a glittering sense of artistry while performing physical feats of grace on ice. And it’s all done on 4-millimeter steel blades, while wearing more sequins than Liberace. The