New Polish!

What is sexier than a pair of stilettos? Maybe the new Rouge Louboutin from Christian Louboutin! This beautiful red nail polish comes in a collector-worthy bottle that mimics the heel we all lust after! You can shop for Rouge Louboutin ($50) here:  

30 Day Manicure!

3 Nail Art Designs That Last a Whole Month Gel manicures are the dopest, amiright? First of all, let’s talk about how they are immediately dry (sorry—cured) which means you can fumble around in your purse for tip money without smudging, which is what happens every single time I get a traditional mani. And you can get cool nail art without worrying that all the hard work will chip within days. Gel nail brand Gelish says their manis last up

The Great Cuticle Debate: Is It Better to Trim or Push?

Next time your manicurist asks you which one you prefer, you’ll be ready with a definitive answer. To trim or not to trim… that is the question. Okay, it may not be exactly what Hamlet said, but if you’re the type who gets regular manicures, you’ve definitely wondered whether to enthusiastically affirm or politely demure when your manicurist asks if you’d like your cuticles trimmed. The answer is (excuse the pun) pretty cut-and-dry. “In general, you shouldn’t trim cuticles,” says New Orleans dermatologist

Nail Care for Great Looking Nails

Nail Care: Keeping your nails looking young, healthy and shapely. The shape of your nails can have an effect on your self-esteem, believe it or not. In fact, when you look at your nails you can tell whether or not they are healthy. How to tell if your nails are healthy: One way to know if your nails are healthy is whether or not they break easily or not. Furthermore, the healthiest nails do not have any ridges, lines, or white spots on them