The Air is Hurting Your Skin!

Icky Goop In the Air Is Giving You Acne and Wrinkles. 4 Key Steps to Stop It. You don’t have to be Gwyneth Paltrow or an owner of a Vitamix to have heard the hype about detoxing. The obsession with clearing your

You’re Doing it Wrong!

The Makeup Trick You’re Doing Wrong Every Day For years and years now, anytime you asked a makeup artist for a how-to about highlighting and contouring they’d usually give you the same old tip about adding highlighter from the outer part

Keep Makeup Minimal in Extreme Heat

The Only Makeup You Need During Extreme Heat Living in California has many benefits: rare rain showers, a temperate climate, amazing produce! But that beautiful ball of fire in the sky that makes all this possible is constantly beaming down. Trying to

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Our Makeup Expert shares the best beauty tips she’s learned from clients, family and friends. I am always open to learning something new…and I love that there never seems to be any rhyme or reason to my lessons or who they

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It is a fact that being a woman is not at all easy and that they always must pay more attention to their appearance. But if they follow the suitable beauty tricks, their life could be much more easier. That

Why Massage is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Massage is loaded with health benefits and is just what the doctor ordered. It’s time to stop thinking of massage as a luxurious indulgence, but rather a research-backed tool that can improve your health. “The notion that massage is ‘just an indulgence’

How to Stay Pimple-Free This Summer

When heat and humidity collide, acne can erupt. Here’s how to keep those zits under control so you can feel confident showing skin. Those gloriously long, sunny summer days have one nasty drawback: the breakouts that sweat and sweltering temps provoke.

Retin-A: How and When to Apply for the Best Results

From clearing acne to preventing aging, retinoid is a hero ingredient—but using it can be tricky. Here’s how to best apply it for your most beautiful skin ever. If there’s a grand taskmaster in skincare, it’s the class of ingredients known